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Oceanhorn 2


Oceanhorn 2 v1.5 for ios

  • OS : iOS

  • Category : Adventure

  • Developer : Cornfox & Brothers Ltd.

  • language : English Russian

Oceanhorn 2 – the second part tells a story that takes place a thousand years before the events of the first part. The sorcerer of Mezmeroth returned with a huge army of Darkness. The young knight with his faithful companions decide to defeat the evil sorcerer and his army. On a long journey to the sorcerer, you have to solve many puzzles, collect magic items and shoot from the charo. Explore all the secrets of Arcadia and neighboring kingdoms and become a real hero!

Reventure for ios

  • OS : All Android , iOS

  • Category :Adventure

  • Developer :Pixelatto Ga

  • Tongue :English Russian

Reventure is a fascinating 2D platform game, the outcome of which depends only on your choice. You are presented with more than 100 different endings, interesting stories and a huge world to explore during your trip.